Tapestry is a system which is hosted in the UK on secure servers. We use Tapestry to record observations, comments and photos to show progress across the Early Years Foundation Stage. This will compliment other forms of observation and assessment already in place.


You will be able to access your child’s Learning Journey from a computer via https://tapestryjournal.com or by using the ‘Tapestry’ App on mobile devices. You will only be able to access this by using the log in details that will be given to you on receipt of the signed user agreement. This will only give you access to your own child’s Learning Journey and you can change your password if you so wish, once you have accessed the website.


Many of the most meaningful photographs taken in nursery show children interacting in group play or activities with peers. We therefore ask that these photos are for your own viewing and not shared publicly or uploaded onto any social media websites.


     As well as viewing our contributions, you will also be able to add comments, photos and video. When adding photos or videos to your child’s Learning Journey, we ask that photos or videos only include your child or other people that have given their permission.