We hope that you and your child will have an enjoyable and productive year with us.

Here are a few suggestions which may help your child get the most out of their time with us:

  • Please bring your child to all of their Nursery sessions. Regular attendance in school is so important for children to develop their knowledge and skills, their awareness of school routines, to develop social skills and friendship groups and also developing relationships with staff and children. 
  • Please encourage your child to put on and take off their own coat and practice using the toilet independently.
  • Encourage your child to look at and read books with you so that they learn to use and look after books.  Use libraries, read road signs, names, cereal boxes, TV adverts etc. This will help your child to find reading easier and more enjoyable.
  • Talk to your child; count the red cars, how many items are in the shopping basket? Is the grass long or short?  Is the book on the highest shelf?  Is there a ball under the bucket?
  • Take your child out - go shopping, to the park, to see friends etc. Visits like this will help your child learn in many different ways.