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General Information

At West Heath Nursery School we have three Parent Workshops, one each term, when Parents/Carers/ Grandparents are invited to join in our Nursery Day and experience some of the activities which promote different areas of the EYFS curriculum and the Characteristics of Effective Learning:

In our Speaking and Listening Workshop parents/carers are introduced to Lola the Leopard and Lola's Rules for good listening.

They are given the opportunity to share books with the children and to choose a book from the school library to take home to read together.  A booklet giving information on sharing books and a pages to write down the books that the children are borrowing is given out at the workshop and is available here.

Our Pre-Writing Skills Workshop gives parents/carers the opportunity to join in with lots of physical activities which develop the muscles needed to be able to make marks and get ready to write.  The information booklet is available here.

We combine our Mathematics workshop with a Den Building Day giving parents/carers/grandparents the opportunity to bring in all sorts of materials from home to build dens around the Nursery.  Parents are given a Den Day Prompt Sheet with ideas for  building and conversation.